Junior Mocker

Today I had to drive into Dallas so I took my camera even though it was a dreary and rainy day. Got into town a bit early for lunch with my friend John so I took to a local park to see what birds were around. Sittin in my car, this little mockingbird landed on a bridge just a few feet from me and posed for several shots. I love it when wildlife is friendly. Another reason to always have your camera ready because you just never know who is going to stop by and say hello.



Canon 7DmII, Canon 100-400L
1/320 f/5.6 @ iso800

Eastern Phoebe

This morning I was got out to see the birds in the morning sun. It was a beautiful sunrise and I saw many wonderful things. I saw a pileated woodpecker, which landed in the tree directly above me at an angle so extreme it made a photo unrealistic (but I saw it). I saw a deer that jumped into the woods just as I got a shot of the grass where it had been (timing is everything). I saw many other birds, but only this little phoebe sat still long enough for a shot in the morning light.


I’ll try again later and see who else will sit still for me.

Canon 7DmII, Canon 600 f/4IS + 2xTC
1/1000 @ f/8, iso1600

American Kestrel

Had just a few minutes of sunshine after work today and was able to capture this beautiful American Kestrel in one of my trees. I’ve seen it in the yard the past few days so I’m hoping it is going to stick around.

Fun fact: The American Kestrel is the North America’s smallest of falcon and one of the most colorful raptors. (source: All About Birds)



Canon 7DmII, Canon 600f/4 + 2xTC, 1/1000 @f/8, iso 1600

365 – Dead

Well, given recent events of flu and weather, I have learned that a 365 project for wildlife is not really a doable achievement, at least not when real live interferes with your goals. Wildlife happens when it happens and you just can’t schedule these things. With that said, You can expect this site to be more active than it has been this past year, and I will be posting as much as I can.

In the mean time, here’s Dakota in the grass with morning sun.  :)