The Coyote

I don’t know what it is, maybe some level of snobbery perhaps, but when you go to a place like Yellowstone NP to photograph wildlife, many photographers give the coyote absolutely no respect.  Everyone is all excited about the wolves, and I admit, so was I.  But let us not forget about this little guy.  The coyote may not travel around in packs like the wolves, and may not bring down the big game like the wolves, but, at least in my opinion, they are just as beautiful a creature.

My trip this year gave me the chance to see a few coyotes up close.  One came and sat down about 15 feet from our vehicle one morning, allowing me to get out and take several shots of him in the early morning sunlight.  While he appeared to be tame, one must never forget that at Yellowstone, all the wildlife is just that–wild.

So next time you are out at a place such as Yellowstone, don’t forget about the coyote.  They deserve to be photographed too, and given the chance, they may even pose for you.

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