American Kestrel

Had just a few minutes of sunshine after work today and was able to capture this beautiful American Kestrel in one of my trees. I’ve seen it in the yard the past few days so I’m hoping it is going to stick around.

Fun fact: The American Kestrel is the North America’s smallest of falcon and one of the most colorful raptors. (source: All About Birds)



Canon 7DmII, Canon 600f/4 + 2xTC, 1/1000 @f/8, iso 1600

365 – Dead

Well, given recent events of flu and weather, I have learned that a 365 project for wildlife is not really a doable achievement, at least not when real live interferes with your goals. Wildlife happens when it happens and you just can’t schedule these things. With that said, You can expect this site to be more active than it has been this past year, and I will be posting as much as I can.

In the mean time, here’s Dakota in the grass with morning sun.  🙂


365 – 6 Merlin

I went out early this morning before work got hectic and found this little guy perched in my tree. I am leaning toward a juvenile red-shouldered hawk an adult Merlin based on what I have been told. This is exciting because it is a first for me.

I also spotted a Northern Flicker/Yellow-shafted, several Blue jays, and a Pileated Woodpecker, which kept itself hidden from the camera. But I know he’s here now so I’ll be on the lookout for next time.

ol20150106090759Canon 7DmII
Canon 600mm f/4 IS
1/320 @ f/4, ISO 100