Yellowstone: Mammoth

In the north-west section of Yellowstone, there lies Mammoth Hot-Springs.  Here can be see numerous geo-thermal features that will amaze and astound.

These travertine terraces have been created by deposits of the minerals in the water coming up from the ground of the hot springs over hundreds of years.  The calcium algae in the water creates all the colors.  I happened to be there on an overcast day which helped prevent the colors from being washed out in the bright sunlight.

A little further down the road is “Roaring Mountain”.  The name for this mountain seems obvious when you stand before it.  The constand steam rising from the mountain is enough to make you think twice about wanting to climb on it.

If you have not seen this wonderful place, I would highly recommend you go at your first opportunity. This is an amazing place, not only for photography, but just for seeing such a wide variety of the things that God has made on this planet, all condensed into a relatively small area.  Words, and even pictures, simply do not do justice to this area of our country.

Go!  Take Pictures!  And Share!